Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tikrity is a senior consultant and trainer. He has excellent analytical skills combined with integrity, experience, high-level of education and intelligence… thorough knowledge of strategic analysis, planning and decision making techniques… experience to plan, design, produce and conduct training programmes and seminars, training needs analysis… course design and development… authoring… performance-based course design… research planning and conducting… quantitative and statistical analysis… management development…computer applications and technology.
Dr. Tikrity`s background was originally in science and engineering. In the last 20 years he worked in the field of management. This many years of experience include R&D Management, Management Development, Strategic Analysis and Decision Techniques for which he completed two years at the Manchester Business School (MBS). Dr Tikrity is a certified Master Practitioner and registered Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is accredited and certified in Spiral Dynamics (SDI and SDII), Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), DiSC Personal Profile system (PPS), Systematic Multi Level Observation of Groups (SYMLOG), and Six Sigma Black Belt.
Dr Tikrity is a member of the Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM), the British Computer Society (BCS), the British Association for Neuro – Linguistic Programming (ANLP), the Institute of Leadership and Management (iLM), and the Global Facilitators Network (GlobalFN). He has published several books on various topics including NLP.



20 years experience in Research in various fields including: management, decision-making, Planning techniques and Strategic analysis methods.

Management Training

Author and conductor of many Management Training Courses including:
Leadership Skills
Decision Making techniques
Research Methodology
Strategic Planning and Crises Management
Performance Measure
Strategic Planning
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Creativity and team building.
Thinking Styles

Business Development

Broad experience in Business Development, Projects Planning and Marketing.


BSc – 1965 Physics and Mathematics – Baghdad University
MSc – 1977 Control Systems – Cranfield Institute of Technology (Currently University).
PhD – 1981 Control Systems – Manchester University.
MSc – 1983 R & D Management – Manchester Business School (Thesis completed but not submitted). This work resulted in the development of Multi Criteria Decision Making software called “Decision Maker”.

Short Courses

1981 One-week course at the Manchester Business School in R & D Management. (R & D Unit MBS)
1984 One week ICS (Integrated Computer Systems) intensive course in microprocessor software, hardware and interfacing in London.
2000 Foundation Course in Personality (Team Focus).


CEng -Chartered Engineer-Engineering Council.
MIMIS – Member of the Institute of Management Information Systems
MBCS -Member of the British Computer Society.
Chartered Information Systems Practitioner.
Chartered Information Systems Engineer.
MANLP Member of the Association for Neuro – Linguistic Programming
MInstLM Member of Institute of Leadership and Management.
MGlobalFN Member of the Global Facilitators Network

Certification and Accreditation

SD I (Spiral Dynamics) – (National Value System, 1998).
SD II (Spiral Dynamics) – (National Value System, 1998).
HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)-(Herrmann International, 1998).
NLP Practitioner (Hidden Resources, 1999)
DISC and PPS (Personal Profile System) – (Training Associates, 1999).
NLP Master Practitioner (Performance Enhancement, 2000).
NLP Trainer (International NLP Trainers Association – INLPTA, 2001).
SYMLOG (Systematic Multi Level Observation of Groups) – (SYMLOG Consulting, 2000).
Foundation Course in Personality (Team Focus, 2000).
NLP Master Trainer (International NLP Trainers Association – INLPTA, 2002).
Six Sigma Black Belt (Six Sigma Partnering, 2003)
Workplace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0, Master Trainer (CentACS, 2010)
Item Response Theory. Eins Center, 2011)
Exploratory Factor Analysis and Classical Test Theory. (Eins Center, 2011)


1966 – 1979: Teaching physics and mathematics.
1975 – 1983: University Research (MSc and PhD)
1983 – 1990: Managing Director of Rocketfield Enterprises Limited.
1990 – 1995: Managing Director of Magrod Limited.
1995 – Present: Trainer / Consultant (Director – Alpha Training UK Limited).



“Physics text book” for secondary schools in Kuwait 1975
“Horizons without Boundaries”, (The first NLP book in Arabic) – (Ten Editions (1994 – 2004).
“Knowledge Particles” – Riyadh 1999.
“The Hidden Power” – Riyadh 1999.
“Technology and Development” – Damascus 2004.
“NLP Arabic Terminology”. Riyadh 2004


“The Middle East on the door-step of the Twentieth Century”, SATRO Conference on Technology and Development, Oxford, December 1994
“Technology Transfer: Methods and Experience”, SATRO Conference on Technology and Development, Oxford, December 1994
“R&D and the Indigenous Technological Capability”. University Magazine – Riyadh.
“The Middle East and the Economic Challenge”. International WAMY Conference – Amman 1998.
“Introduction to SYMLOG”. Annual Human Resources Development Conference – Dammam 2000.
“NLP and Science”. NLP Conference. Bahrain 2007.
“Application of AHP Model to Employee Selection”. Talent Management Conference, Dubai 2008.
“A Framework for a Generic Competency Model”. Educational Sustainability Conference, Dubai 2012.
“NLP and Science”. NLP Conference. Bahrain 2007.
“HR Metrics: Alignment and Integration in Balanced Scorecard”. HR Metrics Conference, Amman 2012


About Control Theory
About System Theory
Application of AHP Model to Employee Selection
Introduction to Six Sigma
New Product Development
NLP and Science
Towards a New NLP
What is Modelling?


Fluent in English and Arabic.


Reading, writing, research, volley ball and traveling.



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